Houston Coding Summer Camps

Are you looking for a great camp to send your child in Summer 2018? Look no further! Coder Kids offers summer camps for computer programming all throughout the Houston area.

In Summer 2017 we had camps in Bellaire, the Heights, Katy, Memorial, Friendswood, and Champions. 

In Summer 2018 we plan to expand with new classes in Sugar Land, Cypress, The Woodlands, Kingwood, the Galleria, and additional classes in the city.

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What sets us apart?

While there are many options for summer camps and some options for computer programming camps, Coder Kids provides a premier summer experience for a fraction of the cost.

Focus on Learning

One common complaint we hear from parents is that their child walked away from other coding camps without really knowing any new skills or applying those skills. While we can't force our students to keep learning after they leave our camps, many of our students continue learning with us, and at the very least have a nice portfolio of work by the end of the week. Our curriculum is great for all ages and all skill levels.

A Fair Price

Coding camps are expensive to run due to the skill level of our instructors and the equipment that we use. But unlike other camps run at universities, we aren't all about the profit. We know most of our families are making a sacrifice to send their child to our camps and we try to make it affordable. In the end, our camps are about half the cost or less of other camps, and we offer some half-day options to lower the price further.

Variety of Topics

We have opportunities for all ages, from kids entering Kindergarten all the way through 12th grade. Our youngest learners focus on activities like ScratchJr, games, apps, and robots. As students get older, they work in Scratch before graduating to one or many of the following tracks: Python programming, Arduino (C) and Raspberry Pi (Python), Game Maker Studio, Minecraft Modding in Java, Web Development (HTML/CSS/Javascript), App Development in Java for Android, App Development in Swift for iOS / Swift Playgrounds.

Local Company

Coder Kids was founded in Houston and continues to operate out of Houston today. Support local business by helping Coder Kids grow in our community.

Community Partner

Coder Kids offers scholarships to students in need. Our instructors and staff members commonly share curriculum ideas and content for free with low income schools throughout Houston. We truly care about developing the future of Houston as a tech hub.