Welcome to the exciting, creative and dynamic world of computer coding. We offer a variety of coding classes for kids ages 4‒18 in metro areas throughout Texas. Students learn using programs like Scratch, Python, JavaScript, Minecraft Modding in Java, Arduino, and more.



Learning how to code engages kids’ minds in critical thinking and prepares them for an increasingly tech-driven world. At Coder Kids, we believe all kids should have this opportunity, so we’ve partnered with schools to provide courses that teach kids how to code in fun and practical ways.


In our after-school classes and camps, students create interactive games and animations, starting with basic coding languages like Scratch Jr. Then we progress into more advanced languages and concepts such as modding Minecraft with Java, Arduino boards, Python programming, and Game Maker Studio. Our advanced students learn web development and app development.



We are based out of Houston, Texas with additional locations in Dallas and San Antonio.

If your school does not have a coding program, please contact us. We'd love to help!

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