Private Lessons

Interested in private lessons for your child in the Dallas, Houston, or San Antonio metro areas? We have great instructors ready to offer lessons!

Lessons are an hour long and cover any of the topics we have listed in our curriculum section. Please inquire with if you're interested in signing up!


Private Lessons (1 child)

$50 per one hour lesson


Private Group Lessons (price per session)

2 students - $60 total

3 students - $70 total


One-on-One Web-based Lessons

Our instructors teach students nationwide with added flexibility and less driving time!

Students should be at least 7 years old and ready to start on Scratch. 

$40 per one hour lesson


Where do you do private lessons?

Since we don't have a central location, we typically have lessons at your house. We can also offer lessons / group lessons for home school groups, etc.

How do I pay?

We do online billing, and we typically bill parents every 2-4 lessons.

Who teaches your private lessons?

Our instructors are willing to teach private lessons. Based on your location, schedule, and instructor availability, we may not be able to accommodate a lesson, but we will do our best.

Can I do bi-weekly lessons?

If students are dedicated to working on concepts during the week (like practicing the piano), we may be able to do bi-weekly lessons. But for most students, bi-weekly lessons will not be very effective.

Can I split my hour private lesson into two 30 minute lessons for 2 kids?

This decision can get kind of complicated, but we have designed our pricing to be fair for our instructors and for your pocketbook. Basically, if two kids are taking lessons from our instructor, your options are: Pay $70 for the two kids to learn together for an hour, or pay $70 for the two kids to learn individually for 1 hour and 25 total minutes. Feel free to contact us if you'd like to discuss your particular situation.