Our goal is to provide your child with fundamental experiences in computer programming. Through these experiences, students will learn:


Coding is fun

Ideas can become reality

Coding is challenging

Coder Kids has a long-term view of your child's progress as a computer programmer. While not all kids will want to be computer programmers professionally, the critical thinking skills coding offers are unparalleled.

At present our curriculum spans from ages 4 through 18. Every child is different in their journey to be a coder. We have some first graders who pick up Scratch faster than some middle schoolers! Still, generally we try to group our students according to the following:

Young Coders: Ages 4-7 - Check out our blog post for all the details on resources we use. Our main focus in this age group is teaching logic and sequence through games, robots, apps, and simple coding challenges using ScratchJr.

Coder Kids: Ages 7-12 - Starting in 2nd or 3rd grade, students begin to transition from the childhood activities into Scratch. Scratch offers a great platform for learning computer programming concepts like conditionals, boolean, variables, loops, and functions. It also offers a vast network of student projects and is a safe, public social network for kids. After a year or two in Scratch, students are typically ready to move on to learning more advanced topics (covered below). During this time, students can also explore the following topics in classes and summer camps:

  • Intro to Python
  • Arduino
  • Minecraft Playing / Modding
  • Swift Playgrounds

Teen Coders: Ages 13-18 - Middle school grades bring on a new maturity and a desire to leave behind Scratch (even though some of the best Scratchers are in 6th - 8th grades). Once kids leave behind Scratch, we currently teach the following in summer camps and private lessons (depending on location and instructor availability): 

  • Python
  • Arduino (C) and Raspberry Pi (Python)
  • Game Maker Studio
  • Minecraft Modding in Java
  • Web Development (HTML/CSS/Javascript)
  • App Development in Java for Android
  • App Development in Swift for iOS
  • Intro to Unity / VR

Our project base is currently focused on simple, fun projects that are fairly easy to tackle. We're not offering algorithm design and implementation classes. Our goal is to work with a child in Kindergarten and to work with them throughout their time in grade school, giving them a broad base of experience that would allow them to tackle more complicated topics throughout high school and college. Regardless of the profession our students ultimately choose, we know students will benefit greatly from the skills we provide.


Scratch Project samples

Below is a sample of the styles of games our students can create in Scratch. Eventually the games students create will range from simple to complex.

AnimateCrab - Scratch

Animate the Crab


Simple+ Pong Games


Platform Games


Paint with Gobo