2017 Coder Kids Business Update

2017 has definitely been a year to remember. At the beginning of the year we only had 4 or 5 classes, one additional instructor, and I was still working part-time at my old school. Over the summer we had 3 full-time instructors, about 280 students, and 30 classes. This fall we had 16 classes with 11 instructors, and this spring we will have 23 classes with about 16 instructors. My goal for Summer 2018 is to have a total of 1,000 students served. (I don’t even want to think about how many instructors that means!)

Probably everyone can imagine my life as an entrepreneur. I love the flexibility, I love pursuing this mission, and I love that Coder Kids also strong business potential as our market grows and we serve more students. But being an entrepreneur has its challenges. Curriculum development, website development, customer outreach and marketing, finding new partners, and finding great instructors are my daily challenges!

I want to let you all in on my vision of what the future looks like for Coder Kids, without divulging my most important strategic ideas. I’d love your feedback if you’d like to continue the conversation with me @jefebarrio on twitter or through email at jeff@coderkidstx.com.

  1. Expand the curriculum to include more student tracking and parent information.
    I’ve noticed this year that parents want to know what their child is learning in our classes, and we need to be able to track student progress from level to level. The kids are engaged in projects and learning along the way, but we can do better to show parents and students their progress from beginning to end.

  2. De-centralize some business operations
    It is challenging to imagine how I can go from managing 23 classes plus private lessons to managing 100+ classes without some major staff growth. While I’m not particularly interested in a franchise model at this point, I do think there’s room to give up some logistical control to instructors and to help me manage their small part of the business and give them greater real-world experience.

  3. Improve our web / social media presence
    We have so much to offer in terms of coding knowledge for kids around the world. Our project-based model is actually pretty unique among coding schools, especially compared to web-based models. I’d like to be able to grow outside of Texas and even outside the United States to impact people and share our knowledge. Our blog and social media are a part of that equation, and we’ll be dedicating a lot of time and energy to improving those platforms.

I’m thankful for our many students, parents, and partners who have been a part of Coder Kids and I hope you will continue with us as we grow and expand our services to better serve your children.

I’m thankful for our fabulous instructors who teach our students day to day. They have been so dependable and do such a great job.

Last but not least, I’m grateful to my wife and my sweet baby boy. They give my life meaning and help me to understand the full potential of Coder Kids. From our family to yours, I wish you a wonderful holiday season and a very wonderful 2018. Now let's get these kids back in school (am I right)?!

Jeff Ward